7 Essential Project Planning Concepts That Work

Planning is both science and art. It doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s a complex and challenging process. A plan should be achievable, challenging, realistic, practical, usable, efficient, and optimal. It’s hard. I get it! These are some project planning concepts that can help you create a plan that will lead to project success.

5 Effective Communication Methods in Project Management (Video).

Imagine you found a defect. Imagine that one of your team members found the defect. You know it. What communication methods are you able to use? The five main communication types used in project management are visual, verbal, written, visual, and hearing. These communication types can be combined into five effective project communication methods: email,

5 Ways Project Managers Can Be Great Leaders

Project managers often struggle with leadership. Here are some places where they can find the right opportunities to be great leaders. This is understandable as project managers don’t have direct responsibility for their teams. However, they are expected to manage and motivate the teams to deliver projects on schedule and within budget. Being a project

5 Top Web-Meeting Annoyances You Should Avoid

Sandy Stachowiak wrote this guest post. Today, more companies use the web to host meetings, demonstrations, or training sessions. Remote workers, remote offices, consulting services, new product training, and other reasons to use the internet are all great reasons for using the web. This entails some basic etiquette for presenters, such as sending the URL