Guidelines for a Productive Virtual Meeting

We all have realized the value and potential of the Internet and virtual spaces since the birth of Covid-19. Businesses that had only physical shops and operations centers were encouraged to create websites and onboard cyberspace. To ensure effective communication between staff and coworkers, executives were encouraged to embrace business-oriented software. Studies show that Web

Guide to Stakeholder Mapping

Stakeholder mapping is a key term for managing different stakeholders and their impact on your project. Once you have created a stakeholder map, it is possible to bypass any obstacles and find solutions to problems. It also depends on the size of your business. You must be able evaluate the potential risks and impact of


ActiveCollab has always prefixed tables with “acx_”, which is a different value than the user specified during installation. This is purely historical. Users were forced to install multiple applications within a single database. This meant that all applications had to “namespaceā€ their tables with a prefix. If application #1 had a user table, any other

Get to Know the Agile Core Values

Although agile is a term that is often used loosely, what does it actually mean? It is not possible to be agile with a strategy or a team following a simple development plan. Many organizations have evolved and their professionals need to be more familiar with agile. Managers can better understand agile’s core principles and

New Training: Linux Permissions & Ownership

Shawn Powers, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge server administrators need to know to access permissions and control who can access which files. He also demonstrates how to apply a basic level of security to files and directories in Linux systems. This Linux training video is available. Maintaining a Linux environment is only possible if permissions

New Training: Junos User Interfaces

This 18-video entry-level training by Knox Hutchinson, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge network administrators need in order to make the most of Junos’ multiple user interfaces. This is essential for managing Juniper networking devices. This Junos course is worth a look. It’s easy to imagine a network administrator who is great at configuring Juniper devices

New Training: Junos Routing Fundamentals

This 18-video entry-level training by Knox Hutchinson, SPOTO trainer, covers the knowledge network administrator’s need to understand and think with the principles of how Junos operating systems make routing decisions. Also, what configurations can be done. This is the new Juniper training. There are many manufacturers of network devices. Although the basic principles that make

New Training: Juniper VPN

This 103-video video, advanced training by Knox Hutchinson, covers the knowledge network administrators need in order to make informed decisions about the various Juniper options for secure connectivity. It also explains how to secure networks using VPNs and gain network visibility. This is the new Juniper training. Juniper has released a VPN to give companies