A quick search on Product Hunt will reveal that hundreds of project management tools are being developed and marketed every day. It can take hours or days to find the right tool for your team.
We believe the right project management tool is what you need. It should not be the other way around. It should give you the tools you need for communication and collaboration with your team members.
It’s okay if you aren’t 100% clear on what these needs are. Here are five things that your next PM tool should include to ensure that you and your team are productive and in sync every day.
1. Simple and good design
Your PM tool should have a solid structure, but be disguised by good design. It should not distract from your work.
You and your team shouldn’t have to be able to schedule a project, edit a task or attach a file. These actions should be easy enough to understand that you can do them immediately.
2. Clear and simple communication
Your next project management tool must provide clear and simple communication channels for you as well as your team. It should allow you to create a dedicated space where your team can have discussions and conversations.
Your next PM tool should at best support in-app notifications and comments and notes, file attachments and the ability to manage notifications.
3. The ability to track and visualize progress
The next PM tool should show you how the project is progressing. It should not waste your time and leave you guessing if the project is on schedule or if there is a problem.
Tracking progress features include time tracking, hourly estimates, baselines and project status.
You can save hundreds of hours and money by tracking progress and identifying problems before the project becomes a disaster.
4. Security
In the long-term, a lack of security can lead to a lot of problems. You could lose all your project data or expose it to the wrong people.
TeamGantt guarantees all customers that their data will be protected through our Security page. All passwords are encrypted and project data is transmitted via SSL. In case of emergency, we also provide automatic backups 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
5. Premium support
Good support is key to a good PM tool. This is especially important when there are billing or technical issues that need to addressed immediately. This will ensure that your account is taken care of so you can concentrate on the most important tasks.
Premium support should include live chat and email. You should also be able to call them if you are unable to access the internet.
Next step: Reach out to ask
Reaching out to the company behind your tool is the best way to find out if it meets these five requirements.
Ask any questions you may have through the support channels.
To learn more about the tool, attend their next webinar.
Book a demo to see all the features and benefits of the tool for you and your team.
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