Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), announced yesterday updates to its Amazon EMR service (Elastic MapReduce), for Big Data analytics.
Amazon EMR Web Service is a managed framework that uses Apache Hadoop technology. It is designed to simplify distributed Big Data processing.
It allows cloud developers to use frameworks like Apache Spark and Presto to manage clusters of EC2 computing instance instances. Abhishek Sinha, an AWS executive, stated in a blog yesterday that the update has added more local storage.
Sinha stated that the newer versions of EMR (versions 3.10 and 4.x), allow you to use Amazon EBS volumes to increase local storage for each instance. This works well with the existing supported instance types and gives you the ability use the M4 or C4 instance types with EMR.
Sinha stated that such storage customization is useful if there are “processing requirements that require a greater amount of HDFS storage (or local) than what is available by default for an instance” or if you want to take advantage the latest generation EC2 instances types such as the M4, C4, or R3 and require more storage than is possible on these instance types.
The new features are now available.