Approach to Building a Career in Business Analysis Gathering

Although it may seem simple at first, the process of gathering business requirements is crucial. Gathering business requirements is an essential step in any project. Both the stakeholders and the project development team expect Business Analysts to align business requirements with business objectives and needs. [divider /] Also read: How to prepare for PMI/PBA Certification

Apache Storm Vs Apache Spark [Comparison]

The demand for real-time streaming data is growing with the increasing availability of real-time information. Streaming technologies are now leading the Big Data revolution. It is difficult for users to choose between the many new real-time streaming platforms. Two of the most popular real-time streaming technologies are Apache Storm and Spark. Let’s compare Apache Storm

APACHE STORM (2.2.0.) – A Complete Guide

Apache Storm is an open-source distributed real-time computing system that’s free and open-source. It makes it easy to process unbounded data streams in a reliable way. It is simple to use and can be used with any programming language. It is written mainly in the Clojure and Java’ programming languages. It makes use of ’Spouts’

Apache Pig Progression with Hadoop’s Changing Versions

Hadoop has grown in many ways to allow technical people of all levels to use it. Java programmers have a distinct advantage when it comes to Hadoop programming. You don’t have to be a programmer in Java or Jython if you are unfamiliar with these high-level languages. Apache Pig can do any data manipulations, structured

Deep Learning Applications and Neural Networks

What is Deep Learning Application? Deep learning is a branch in machine learning that uses neural networks with many layers. It increases the amount of data used to train them in deeplearning. Artificial Intelligence (AI) attempts to imitate the human brain’s behavior. Deep learning applications can be divided into three types: supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised.

Data Visualization-Benefits and Tools

Data Visualization: Emergence, Tools, & Benefits Data visualization is the representation of data in a visual or graphical format that aims to make it easier for readers to understand. This modern visual communication method increases the likelihood that readers will be able to quickly and effectively grasp important information. It emphasizes the fact that statistics,

Interview Questions about Data Structures

Top Data Structures Interview Questions and Answers Some recruiting managers have become experts in interviewing software developers, data scientists, and website developers. It is important that you are prepared to win during your Data Structures Interview Questions. It is important to understand what a data structure is. Without a good data structure, organizing data that

Data Science vs Data Analytics, vs Big Data

Comparison of Data Science vs Data Analytics and Big Data What is Data? Data can be a collection of facts or information that is organized in a particular way. It refers to information, figures, or facts that are stored on a computer. Data can be structured or unstructured. Structured Data Structured data is consistent, well-defined

Top 5 Technologies Organizations Should Be Focusing on in 2019

As technology evolves at an incredible rate, the world has become a place full of mind-blowing inventions. Business processes are also becoming obsolete due to the rapid development of new technology. Any business can benefit from new technologies to increase performance and decrease costs. It is vital that all industries are up-to-date with the latest

Top 5 SQL Certifications to Boost your Career and Income in 2020

Professionals who want to advance their careers are now required to have access to big data and business intelligence. These two skills are now the top priorities of IT decision-makers. The reasons are clear. Organizations rely on big data for insights that will help them make critical business decisions. These opportunities are available to specialists