How to pass Microsoft Windows Client MD-100 Exam Blog

Microsoft offers a variety certification opportunities. They are designed to prepare professionals in the ever-changing technology job roles. Microsoft’s goal is to validate your skills by providing the same essence in its Microsoft Exam MD-100 Windows 10. This exam will help you manage identity, access policies, updates, apps, and policies. You will usually work with

How to pass the Microsoft PL-900 Exam Blog

Microsoft certifications are the most valuable because of the brand value of Microsoft. Microsoft certifications are valuable because they validate your expertise and increase your chances of securing financial benefits. One of these certifications, the Microsoft Power Platform Fundamentals Certification (PL-900), is one. Are you one of these aspirants? If this is you, then we

How to pass the Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals exam (DP-900).

The Microsoft Azure Data Fundamentals Exam (DP-900), was used to learn about Databases and how Microsoft Azure demonstrates them. It is a prerequisite to become a Microsoft Azure Database Engineer. Although passing this exam is a great first step to confirm core knowledge, it’s not necessary before you can take any other Azure role-based certifications.

Problems with project performance must be addressed starting at the top

Andy Murray, Outperform Director explained that austerity refers to a government policy that reduces spending and deficits and reduces the number of public services and benefits. Murray spoke at The Austerity Debate in the City to discuss how the current economic climate affects project management. All departments of government, including infrastructure, development, welfare projects and

Solid proof

PMI has ordered research into the value of project management. The results of the research were presented at the conference held in Warsaw last month. The three-year process of cross-disciplinary analysis and fieldwork that led to the June results was exhausting. I’m a little skeptical about a study that was requested by an organization that

Software Testing Courses for Beginners and Career Changers

Is it possible for a Software Tester to work without any formal qualifications? YES. You can learn programming languages and fundamentals of software testing through specialized certification training courses. They give you the knowledge and skills to enter the software testing industry. Learn the methods and techniques of software testing through our training courses. Below

Software Review: Whiteboard [2015]

General Information **June 2020: This product appears discontinued. ** Name: Whiteboard Vendor: Whiteboard, LLC Hosting options: iPhone/iPad App, or website only. Although it isn’t clear how much it will cost, they will eventually charge for it. Languages: English Currency: n/a How to manage your task lists Whiteboard is a task management app. It is not