Managers’ Mistakes in Managing People

People management is more difficult than managing any program or project. It is the key to every project’s success. It doesn’t matter how well the project plan is executed. The project team is responsible for the execution. They must be managed with care and tact. Managers lack basic management skills, as well as the values

Minimum Viable Product/Minimum Marketable Feature

How many of us actually understand these terms? We are certain that most people have heard these terms, but know very little or nothing about them. Let’s look at these terms: The synonyms Minimum Viable Product and Minimal Market Feature refer to a product’s baseline that contains enough features to be presented to clients as

Kubernetes Interview Questions & Answers 2022

Interview Questions and Answers for Top Kubernetes 2022 Kubernetes can be described as an open-source orchestration system in technical terms. Kubernetes allows you to manage large quantities of containers easily. Kubernetes can be accessed by anyone, as it is an open-source platform. An authentication is not required for open-source platforms. People tend to back down

How can a project manager work smartly?

To ensure that he can keep up with all updates and prioritize his work, the project manager must begin his day 30 minutes earlier than his team. Proactive project managers check their mails twice a night before they reach work and again in the morning. This allows them to prevent 2 things. He has bad

How AWS CloudFront Can Help Improve the Performance of Content Delivery

Are you preparing to take the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Professional certification test? This space will contain articles that cover topics covered in the Solutions Architect Professional certification exam. This article will explain AWS CloudFront, one of the most important Amazon web services. Subscribe to our blog to receive more information on this topic. Get

Approach to Building a Career in Business Analysis Gathering

Although it may seem simple at first, the process of gathering business requirements is crucial. Gathering business requirements is an essential step in any project. Both the stakeholders and the project development team expect Business Analysts to align business requirements with business objectives and needs. [divider /] Also read: How to prepare for PMI/PBA Certification

Apache Storm Vs Apache Spark [Comparison]

The demand for real-time streaming data is growing with the increasing availability of real-time information. Streaming technologies are now leading the Big Data revolution. It is difficult for users to choose between the many new real-time streaming platforms. Two of the most popular real-time streaming technologies are Apache Storm and Spark. Let’s compare Apache Storm