PART 6 – CISA Domain3 – Information Systems Acquisition and Development, and Implementation
What is Benchmarking?
What is Capacity Maturity Model Integration?
What are process procedures?

1. Benchmarking process:
Benchmarking is all about improving business processes.
It is a continuous, systematic process of evaluating products, services, or work processes of organizations that are recognized as a “reference” in a globalized environment.
The following exercise is part of the benchmarking process: Plan

2. Capacity Maturity Model Integration:
Capability Maturity Model Integration is a program that focuses on process improvement and appraisal. The CMMI Institute, a subsidiary to ISACA, administers the program.
These are the characteristics of maturity levels: Level 1 – Initial – Processes are unpredictable and poorly controlled.
Level 2 – Managed – Process is characterized for projects, and is often reactive.
Level 3 – Defined Process – Process that is characterized for the organization.
Level 4 – Quantatively managed. Process is measured, controlled.
Level 5 – Optimizing. The focus is on process improvement.

3. Controls and processing procedures:
Controls and processing procedures are designed to ensure the reliability and accuracy of application program processing.
IS auditors must be able to understand the controls and procedures that can be used over processing in order to determine what exposures are covered and what exposures remain.

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