Are you interested in Six Sigma Certification? Are you curious about Six Sigma Certification? You may be curious about Six Sigma Certification requirements, Six Sigma certification salary, and Six Sigma Green Belt Cert Cost.
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You can get a quick introduction to Six Sigma and answers to your questions by enrolling in a free Lean Six Sigma course. You should also consider enrolling in an online or classroom Six Sigma course if you want to earn a Six Sigma Green Belt certification. In this article, we will discuss Six Sigma, Six Sigma Green Belt, and certification costs.
The exam fee is the first major aspect. The exam fee is the first aspect of Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost.

What is Six Sigma? The Evolution
Let’s talk about Six Sigma. Six Sigma is an evolution of total quality management systems. Total quality management, or Six Sigma, is a system that will guide you in running your business. It could also be called “total operation management” or “total business management.” These programs were identified under the quality banner thanks to Joseph M. Juran and W. Edwards Deming. American management “rediscovered” their groundbreaking programs and the Japanese results in the 1980s.
Are you familiar with the concept of total quality management?
TOTAL = All committed
QUALITY = Meeting customers’ expectations
MANAGEMENT = Collaborative focus

Six Sigma Green Belt at Motorola
Let’s look at the history of Six Sigma. Motorola’s Six Sigma program was not known by the terms “Six Sigma Black Belt”, or “Six Sigma Green Belt” until the 1990s. Six Sigma has been recognized as a leading-edge standard in manufacturing, retail and service. Many programs now include special-assignment employees with the Six Sigma Black Belt or Green Belt title. These individuals are often not part of the Six Sigma operations they support. This is a costly and inefficient way to install Six Sigma. This approach could lead to employees being disenfranchised and giving them an easy way to abdicate their responsibilities. While short-term benefits may be realized, the long-term culture of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement cannot be instilled throughout the workforce.
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It is a cost-effective and efficient way to deploy green-belt and brown-belt skills across an enterprise. Instead of creating black belts and green belts, consider all your employees potential green belts. All employees can learn the skills required to be a green belt.
Any enterprise should aim to train all employees in the techniques necessary to become a greenbelt, including the seven problem-solving tools and the six-step model of continuous improvement. It also needs to have the interpersonal skills to be able to work effectively as part of a team.

Six Sigma’s Key Elements
Let’s now look at the key elements and reasons Six Sigma is becoming more important in each industry.
We are focused on customer satisfaction
Reach-Out Goals
All employees involved
Clear definition and understanding of roles
Personal Growth
What makes Six Sigma so valuable?
Six Sigma Certification is more valuable because of these three points. It would be a good idea to take them into consideration before Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Cost. This will allow you to do a cost-benefit analysis.
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