IBM is known for its outstanding, innovative solutions in manufacturing and marketing of computer hardware, middleware, and software. IBM offers consulting and hosting services in a variety of areas, from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. IBM offers consulting and hosting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. This test will prove that you are able to work with, transform and act on large amounts of data.
After taking all the recommended courses and preparing for the exam, you will be able build data pipelines using Apache Spark and gain viable insights from the data. To be able to pass the certification exam, you must have real-world experience. You can be successful if you have practical knowledge of deployment architectures and are able to help with tuning, troubleshooting and optimization.
The IBM certification program lists the main prerequisite skills that are required to pass the exam and earn the certification. Let’s take a closer look at these recommendations.
Learn and write Python code
Scala code: Read and write
Use RDDs and APIs to create and work
DataFrames, and the related APIs, can be used to create and manage dataframes.
Use Dstreams and other APIs to create and work
Multiple data sources and file types can be used to read/write data
SQL statements can be read and written
Spark with Hadoop MapReduce: Compare and Contrast
Partitions can be managed to improve RDD performance. You can also use different partition strategies.
Identify the operations that cause shuffling
Serialization options can optimize memory usage
Create Spark config contexts for different requirements
In appropriate situations, use persistence, checkpoints, and caching
Spark: Explain memory management
Use key value pairs and the Spark APIs that go with them
Define and work together with accumulators
Configure your application so it runs on a cluster
Explain core concepts like master, drivers, executors and stages.
Debugging your spark code
Broadcast variables: Define and work with them
Explain Spark transformations and actions in relation to lazy evaluation
Monitor Spark applications
Spark-submit allows you to launch applications
Spark can help you manage performance bottlenecks and runtime issues.
You can build a pipeline using Streaming, MLLib and SQL.
Spark Streaming APIs – Work with
Use SparkML and the MLLib APIs to get started
GraphX is a great tool for creating graphs
SparkSQL is a great tool for your business.
There are many recommendations. We have something that you will be happy about. Only one test will be offered, consisting of 60 questions lasting two hours. The required passing score is 65%.
You shouldn’t rely on one resource for preparation for certification exams. There are many publications and courses that can help you to improve your knowledge before you take a certification exam.
Contact an IBM Global Training Provider if you are interested in purchasing a training course.