How can you expand your knowledge on an everyday basis? You can read project management blogs. However, not all blogs are equally helpful. Here is a list of blogs that I recommend you read. [iStock/evgenyatamanenko]Why would I advise you to spend time reading blogs rather that a solid book on project management? First, I understand your lack of time, energy, willpower. It can be difficult to make a commitment to something like Rita’s PMP Exam Practice. A habit of continual learning. Once you have it, it will make it easier to find more time for greater effort.
Why blog again? Blogs about project management are written from the perspective of real-life experience. All of them were or are project managers. They can also share their tips and tricks for how to do the job. You don’t have to retell the book theory. It is obvious that it makes a big difference.
How to Find Time to Read
#1. All of it starts with “Why”. Why would you spend your time and effort? It could be a higher salary, interesting projects or promotion. It is important to find the “why” that can propel you forward.
Like you, I also have a full-time job and a family. Despite this, I still find the time to write this post. I have time to read dozens upon dozens of blogs and books. Because I have my own “WHY”. It is something I believe we all have. It’s just a matter finding the right one.
#2. It is an important task. For example, I keep a list of all my important tasks. I reserve a time slot. Everything that goes in my calendar is given top priority.
You can create your own system. You can have your own system, but make sure that you read blogs regularly.
#3. Set a schedule. Daily reading should be your goal. It’s not easy. Begin with two days per week. You can add another slot if you are able to stick with the schedule for at most a month.
How much time should be reserved? I suggest 15 minutes per day. You can read between three and five posts. It won’t take much effort. You will still be able to process the information, even if you work a full day.
#4. Connect with the “Why” If you decide to skip the reading, remember why you committed. Remind yourself why it’s important. It is best to have it written close by.
#5. #5. Find a colleague who shares your interests. Regular reading will give you many new topics to discuss. I recommend that you find one coworker who is interested and knowledgeable about project management. Regular coffee breaks are a great way to share new ideas, techniques, or approaches. It will be much more fun.
Let’s now get to the list. I don’t have a preference. They are all equally valuable to me.
Project Management: A Girl’s Guide
Don’t let the name fool you. This blog has a lot of mature and professional content. It is easy to read, however.
It was started by Elizabeth Harrin in 2006. It is now a well-established resource that focuses on stakeholder management, collaboration, and communication.
You will still find posts on a variety of topics. You will also find guest authors from time to time.
You can also find a collection of freebies. It is worth checking out.
The IT Project Manager in Practice
Dave Gordon is the blog’s owner. He is an experienced portfolio, program, project, and project manager. He has over 25 years of experience in IT as a project manger.
He does a wonderful job! He reads hundreds of posts and blogs every week. He compiles a weekly roundup from this.
His vast experience filters the content to make it valuable reading. You can subscribe to his newsletter to get it in your Inbox.
PM Hut
It is very active. Every day a new post is posted. They don’t have a specific focus and cover all aspects of project administration.
There are many guest posting opportunities.