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According to APM Salary and Market Survey 2021, 29% of respondents cite leadership, training and development as the biggest challenge project managers will face in the coming years.
If your goal is to get ahead of the curve this year and study for a certification, I can help!
There are many courses that can help you attain project management qualifications. These include PMI(r), PRINCE2 (r) and more. These are the courses I believe are worth looking at.

The PM PrepCast (and other)
Brain Sensei
MPlaza PRINCE2(r) Training
Logical Model PRINCE2(r) courses

BrainBOK Product
Certification: CAPM(r), PMP(r)
BrainBOK is an online PMP(r), training tool that focuses on helping you understand the ITTOs within the PMBOK (r) Guide.
It also has built-in flashcards, quizzes, and practice exams that will help you prepare for the real test.
It was amazing. This interactive tool is perfect for understanding the ITTOs. This tool is perfect if you are looking to dive deep into the PMBOK(r).
You can also try the free option, which has very limited features, before you commit to buying. You can check it out here.
BrainBOK PMP Training – Affordable training
Buy NowRead my reviewWe are proud to be an affiliate with BrainBOK #ad. Read my complete review of BrainBOK #1.
Here are the enterprise environmental factors explainedThe PrepCast (and other)
Product: PM PrepCast and Agile PrepCast. Exam Simulators
Certification: PMP(r), CAPM(r), PMI-ACP(r)
Cornelius Fichtner is a key figure in the compilation of training courses that will help you pass the PMI exams. He is the creator of the PM PrepCast which has helped thousands of students pass the PMP(r). He and his team have now expanded their affordable training options to include study materials that can help you prepare for other PMI credentials.
These are the products I would call the best and that I enjoyed using the most.
PrepCast: A self-paced video course that covers everything, and I mean everything, on the PMP course outline. It even covers topics that aren’t covered in the PMBOK Guide like ethics or business acumen.
Highly recommendedThe PM PrepCast$279This self directed PMP Exam course has high ratings. It can be accessed from any device, including a smartphone, tablet or computer. It has been updated to reflect the current PMP Exam.

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Read our Review. This simulator is invaluable for studying for the exam. It simulates the actual environment that you will encounter in a real exam. You have only a minute to answer each question. Make sure you feel as comfortable and familiar as possible with the online test-taking environment. This will help you prepare.
You can take the Agile PrepCast, which includes tools such as the exam simulator, if you are aiming for the Agile credential in this year’s class.
You can read my complete review of the PM PrepCast right here.
Brain Sensei
Product: Brain Sensei
Certification: PMP(r)
Brain Sensei is a PMP (r) Exam Prep Course. However, it is unlike any other courses I have seen or taken. It is based in feudal Japan. The main character is a female Samurai. After I completed the first Module, I was immediately drawn to it. Who wouldn’t want to be the project leader who rallies the community for a castle to protect the village and our children?
It’s an online video-based training program that works really well.