To ensure that he can keep up with all updates and prioritize his work, the project manager must begin his day 30 minutes earlier than his team. Proactive project managers check their mails twice a night before they reach work and again in the morning. This allows them to prevent 2 things.
He has bad news from many sources, including his own team.
Uncomplete information can lead to an unpleasant situation.
Both these situations can lead to dire consequences for the project manager, who may feel guilty for not doing or failing to do what was required. The project manager can’t do much to replace the bad resources. Every project has a mix of good resources and bad ones. Smart project managers can get the most out of them, such as using words like “I trust your judgement more than anyone,” “you are skilled in this field, so I chose you over other people, don’t let us down.” If you feel that some resources take longer than the actual lunch time, you can arrange an internal meeting during lunch. Project management ethics does not recommend late sitting or extra work hours. However, there are times when the management needs to be available for critical tasks, such as month end closings, financial closings, or project delivery. If the resource sits late, he will be compensated with a handsome bonus. The project manager must ensure that the appropriate transportation is provided for dropping off female (or male) employees. The manager should make arrangements for dinner as per company policies if it is dinner time. These are small things, but they can have big impact if you take care.
Resources can generally be divided into four different categories
Talented and hardworking
Talented but hardworking
Talented, but prefer gossiping and getting involved in office politics
Not talented and prefer gossiping and getting involved in office politics
Smart project managers should first convert category C to A or D to B. After eliminating the most dangerous categories C, D, he will have only 2 categories left: A and B. Also, check if category C is trying convert A or B into their category. If so, the project manager should make the hard call and raise his concerns to the higher management. Education and experience are the best way to develop skills and talents. You can convert the category B to category A through timely relevant trainings.
A PM is responsible for ensuring that the project progresses according to plan and schedule. It is better to double-check the progress of critical projects. For all technical issues and updates, some project managers rely completely on their technical leads. No matter how small or large the issue, a project manager should be the first to hear it. You must clearly distinguish between trust and blind trust. After each module is completed, request a demo. Document your findings and share them with the team.
The project manager must keep track of audit findings for his projects. He must audit the project using audit findings from similar projects. This will allow him to perform quality assurance proactive. Smart work is more productive than hard work. It produces better results and faster results when compared to smart work. So work smartly.