Meetings are called to give the impression that a project progresses. However, the attendees often leave the meeting feeling that they didn’t get any resolution or progress. The key role of a project manager is to facilitate work. This could be your own work on a small project or work done by others. It is essential that you can not only facilitate productive meetings that produce measurable results but also influence and participate in meetings to be a successful project manager.
Stephen Covey’s book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a great resource for information on meeting-friendly behaviours.
Consider these things when attending meetings:
You should only attend meetings that are valuable. A meeting is a forum where a group of people can discuss a problem or find a solution. It is generally a good idea to meet face-to-face during project kickoff, to discuss interim results, or when the final report is due. If there is no clear goal to the meeting, it may be more beneficial to focus on other tasks and decline the meeting.
If there is no agenda or purpose, suggest one. One suggestion is to say, “In our meeting on Tuesday, would you like to get either X or Y out? “. “. “. If you want to improve your meeting effectiveness, make sure you have a clearly defined goal for every meeting you attend.
Prepare. You can bring any questions you may have about the material to the meeting, or discuss them with the facilitator. If you disagree with a point, but have reasoning, it is possible to be a valuable contributor. A meeting is a forum for collaboration on an idea. It is acceptable to suggest improvements and additions to ideas in a respectful and polite manner.
Know what you are expected to do in a meeting. Ideally, the chair will summarize the key outcomes and actions of the meeting at the end. You should be able to understand any follow-up actions that may be required. Instead of saying “so what should i be doing”, make a list of the actions you need to take during the meeting. If the meeting is not summarized, you might say “So I understand you would want me to do X” or “Y by Z date.” ”
Meetings can be an extremely effective business tool. Treat them as such, and your participation in meetings will increase.
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