It is impossible to deny the benefits of becoming a Blockchain Expert. The CBE exam certification in Blockchain technology can increase your chances of getting a high-paying job. It will also confirm your ability to produce and design Blockchain-based applications. To become certified, you will need to complete rigorous training under the CBE exam. We are happy to assist you with exam preparation. Keep reading to learn more about the exam details and guidelines that will help you excel. We are confident that your journey to the Blockchain Expert certification with us will be worthwhile.
Why become a certified blockchain expert?
Before you get excited about starting your preparation. Let’s first discuss the exam and its benefits. The CBE exam is designed to assess candidates’ knowledge and understanding of blockchain technology.
Below are some of the benefits of passing the CBE certification exam.
After obtaining CBE certification, blockchain developers will be able to attract higher-paying positions. This course will help them to improve their skills.
This certification confirms your expertise in Blockchain development. This certification makes you a professional expert on Blockchain development
You will be an expert in managing the Blockchain market
CBE certification will confirm your expertise in cryptocurrency, JavaScript, and blockchain programming. This certification will not only be a testament to your skills. This will not only show your skills but also help you master the Blockchain Technology.
Exam Details
The Certified Blockchain Expert certification exam is designed to give you a comprehensive knowledge of all aspects of Blockchain Technology. This certification allows you to use the Blockchain technology ethics to solve real-world business problems. The CBE exam is intended for IT professionals, business analysts and project managers as well as software developers. It is clear that you want to be a master in cryptocurrency and blockchain. CBE certification is a must-have.
We have compiled all the details. Here is a quick overview of the CBE certification exam.
EXAM NAME – Certified Blockchain Expert (CBE), Certification
PASSING SCORE – 60 marks or More
RE-ATTEMPTS–3 Attempts
NOTE: The certification is valid for life. You don’t need to re-certify. You also have lifetime access to the course material from Blockchain council.
Exam Prerequisites
To take the CBE certification exam, there are no prerequisites. As such, no experience is necessary. However, a basic knowledge of blockchain technology will be an advantage in your preparation journey. These skills are also expected of you
Computer science fundamentals
Basic knowledge of the Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency
Course Outline – CBE Exam
Now you should be familiar with the CBE exam format and requirements. Now it’s time to gain a deeper understanding of the exam objective and the domains it covers. You will be able to excel in the Certified Blockchain Expert CBE exam if you are familiar with the objectives.
The Certified Blockchain Expert CBE exam covers many aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrency. This is evident in the CBE exam domains. Let’s take a look at the exam domains.
Blockchain basics
Basic knowledge of Blockchain and its importance
Differences between Blockchain and Traditional Technologies
Blockchain technology has many benefits. Understanding the various Blockchain technologies is also important.
Blockchain ecosystem
Relationship between Bitcoin and Blockchain
Blockchain Intermediate
The difference between public and private blockchai