Lisa DiTullio has been a leader in business and project management. Lisa DiTullio & Associates is her principal. She is dedicated to introducing project management to businesses, enabling them to improve decision-making, instill accountability and enhance communication. Learn more about Lisa at
Josh: Lisa, thank you so much for sharing your experience and background with the pmStudent community! How did you get started in Project Management?
Lisa: I was fortunate to stumble into it, like many others. I was managing a functional unit when I was asked to manage a major project “in my spare time”. I didn’t have any formal project management training so I wasn’t sure what to do. I relied on my leadership skills and communication skills to guide the team. This was a wise decision. The project was a great success. We were able to deliver on time and within budget. We also set a precedent by introducing the first “paperless” system. It set the standard for all other operational units. Did I mention that we delivered the project without any?real? tools? project management tools
Josh: I would like to become a PM consultant one day. Any suggestions?
Lisa: There are many types of project management consultants. Others will continue to be project managers and work for clients on a contractual basis to deliver priority projects. Others will provide guidance and advice to companies looking to implement or improve project management practices in their company. There are also others who will help with training and development of project managers. You should have a clear idea of what type consultant you want to become. This will help you identify your target client. Do you want to be a specialist in a particular industry? Do you want to target companies of a specific size? These questions are crucial to answering. This will help you create your business plan. It will also help you keep your eyes on your goals.
Speaking opportunities are a great way for consultants to promote themselves. Speaking at industry events is a great way to share your knowledge, experience, and ability to guide others. Network, network, and network!
Josh: What are some of the biggest challenges that a project manager must face?
Lisa: It is difficult times for new project managers. There are fewer entry-level opportunities in a weak economy. Project managers must be visible within organizations and improve their communication and leadership skills. These two skills will be a great asset to new project managers in difficult times. It’s a great time to learn something new?local PMI chapters still offer excellent educational programming at very reasonable costs?I strongly recommend that all new project managers join their local chapter today and take advantage the learning and networking opportunities offered. This is a great time for junior-level project manager to establish mentor relationships with experienced project managers. Be ready for the economy to turn around.