Load balancers distribute traffic between multiple servers to improve network efficiency. Load balancers are used to increase network efficiency by dividing network traffic among many servers.
Load balancers use different methods to distribute network traffic and application traffic between multiple servers. Multiple servers are required to distribute network loads. This feature improves network application availability and responsiveness.
Enterprises prefer to use load balancer technology to improve their network performance, security, and adoptability. Load balancing has been deemed the best way to scale out an application server network. As more applications require servers, you can add servers to increase the load balancer’s ability to distribute traffic to the new servers.
Today, we will be discussing the top-in-demand load balancer technology courses that you can choose to make your IT career more bright.
F5 Load Balancer Courses
UniNets offers F5 load balancer training online and in-classroom. Many candidates have received training from UniNets in F5 LTM, F5 GTM (Global Traffic Management), and F5 ASM.
F5 load balancer is used to increase reliability of applications. They reduce the load on servers that are responsible for managing applications and network sessions, thereby improving overall performance.
Load balancers can be grouped into two layers / categories: Layer 4 and 7. Both types of load balancers are able to distribute traffic to different servers depending on the configured algorithm. There are several algorithms:
Round Robin
Least Connections
Weighted Round Robin
Lowest Response Time
F5 Networks is a leader in Web Application Firewalls because of their outstanding offerings. F5 Networks offers both public and appliance cloud services. F5 networks believes that their customers can ensure that all web applications are protected with the right application security options.
Security professionals can use web application firewall technology to protect their networks from malware attacks. It also allows them to use security defenses such as bot detection and behavioral analysis. F5 was awarded the highest score possible in the Forrester Wave’s attack Response and execution roadmap criteria.
UniNets F5 online program offers hands-on training with industry experts.

Citrix Netscaler Certification Course:
Citrix Netscaler, also known as web application delivery control (ADC), enables applications to run faster by overloading server traffic onto multiple servers. This load balancer is the most widely used in the world, with more than 10,000,000 sites. CNET, Weather.com and Microsoft are just a few of their customers.
Citrix Netscaler is used in millions of networks around the world.
Citrix NetScaler can be described as an enterprise-based solution for server load balance. It is a full-featured ADC (Application Distribution Controller). It is widely used load-balancing mechanism worldwide, with approximately 8 out 10 websites using NetScaler. NetScaler is used by approximately 75% of internet users on a daily basis.
We are the industry leader in Citrix NetScaler Training. We offer both online and classroom training. We offer lab access 24×7, working professional trainers and workbook. One-on-one sessions, virtual racks, and lab access. Our course program was based on real-world experiences that allow candidates to gain hands-on experience in how to improve application performance, secure networks, and integrate adaptability and flexibility.
Riverbed Course Training:
Riverbed is a load balancer and optimizer that is widely used in enterprise networks. Riverbed load balancing is available through us