People management is more difficult than managing any program or project. It is the key to every project’s success. It doesn’t matter how well the project plan is executed. The project team is responsible for the execution. They must be managed with care and tact. Managers lack basic management skills, as well as the values and sensitivity needed to effectively interact with different types of people.
Top 5 Mistakes Managers Make in Managing Resources
Make decisions before discussing them with your team members. Some managers make decisions, then ask for input from their team members just to give the impression that they care. It is difficult to fool people all the time. There are smart employees who can spot this type of behavior and understand the nature of the game. It is also recommended to establish a process that allows for hierarchical permission to receive feedbacks and suggestions. Encourage people to realize that their ideas can be vetoed and to offer suggestions for improvement. The project manager can empower his employees and increase employee engagement by encouraging them to make decisions about their work.
Failing to build a healthy relationship with your team members – Developing a relationship between reporting employees and you is key to managing them. While it is not pleasant to be disowned by his team or other team members, you must remember that your ultimate goal is to complete the project on time. Don’t be harsh when approving or refusing leave for employees. Be reasonable and allow employees to take leave for legitimate personal reasons.
Fail to lead and give proper direction. Good leaders can distinguish between an emergency and a more important task. Do not make every task a priority. People would lose faith in the urgency of the task, and it would be difficult for managers to convince them to complete it in the shortest time possible.
Do not draw a line for employees reporting to you. You can build warm and supportive relationships with subordinates, but not too friendly. You will have trouble separating the reporting relationship from a friendship. You need to set boundaries and not mix your professional and personal relationships. You can go out with your partner, but not so much that you lose respect for them.
Communication problems, such as inability to communicate effectively or incorrect use of words, can make it difficult for people to communicate effectively. Transparent communication is the best form of communication. Although some information is confidential within the company and you are not allowed to share it with your team members, you can be transparent and objective when sharing information about your project. Although there may not be many members who have great ideas, it is possible to come up with some good ones.
Although it is easier to teach skills and techniques than people management, managers need to have strong communication skills, good beliefs, and a caring attitude. These are difficult to teach and learn. These are the fundamental issues that determine the success or failure for most managers.