If you want to visit a website that violates federal law, there is only one place. That is the darknet anonymous market. These pages are hidden in the internet, and you won’t find them with a standard browser like Edge or Chrome.

They can only be accessed via a specific browser. Some of them are:
Tor Browser
Invisible Internet Project (I2P).
Subgraph OS
Tails – The Amnesic Incognito Live System
These websites are not yet indexed. They don’t usually begin with www as they would on regular websites, but rather with a random string. These URLs are composed of a variety of meaningless letters and numbers that end in ‘. onion’.
Tor browser allows anyone to search the internet without revealing their location. This is done by encrypting and routing your IP address through a network worldwide that uses the same software. The dark web doesn’t use cookies to track or identify your computer. It is very difficult to track a user using the Dark Web. This leads to a lot criminal activity. Many anonymous users access the Dark Web, which is basically censorship-free.
There is a difference between Dark Web and Deep Web
The Deep Web is any website or webpage that is not indexed by search engines and does not require authentication is called it. It’s simply a website or webpage that cannot be found using standard search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is the most popular type of site, as most people use it daily. It could be a social media account or a bank account. It cannot be accessed by anyone who has its URL.
Any website that allows users to access it via Tor Network is part of the Dark Web. It contains information that isn’t available through standard Internet browsers. Sites that meet these criteria typically use the TLD “.onion” instead of “.com”, “.in”, or similar TLDs. The dark web is a subset the Deep Web.
The White Sites on the Dark Web
The Dark Web offers privacy protection, which is one of the many benefits. The Dark Web is one the most exciting and fascinating places to explore on the internet. This is because innovation can occur in large corporations or at top universities, but it also happens on the margins. This section of the internet is not home to a single pop-up advertisement or lolcat. Many people use the Dark Web. There are many sites that you can safely explore on the Dark Web. These are some of them:
1. Facebook: We usually access facebook.com, one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide. However, Facebook is blocked in many countries so the ‘.onion” website allows users to access it anonymously. (.onion link: https://www.facebookcorewwwi.onion/)
2. Buy Bitcoins at Blockchain: Bitcoins provide anonymity, making them ideal to Tor users. Why not use a “.onion” connection to access this site? This site’s.onion address has an HTTPS cert that distinguishes it. (.onion link: https://blockchainbdgpzk.onion/)
3. ESCROW Service: Escrow can also be done through a ‘.onion” portal. It is a safe and secure way to trade on the internet. It accepts Bitcoin as a payment. This ensures anonymity. They will ensure that you can inspect the shipment before you release your money. In the event of a dispute, they will also include third-party dispute resolution. (.onion link: http://escrow3e7meryzm5.onion/)
4. Tor Shops: Tor Shops, a dark-web website designer. Tor Shops: Tor Shops is a dark web website designer.