This 103-video video, advanced training by Knox Hutchinson, covers the knowledge network administrators need in order to make informed decisions about the various Juniper options for secure connectivity. It also explains how to secure networks using VPNs and gain network visibility.
This is the new Juniper training.
Juniper has released a VPN to give companies network visibility and fine-tuned control of access controls and security policies. This Juniper VPN training covers all the essential concepts and configurations required to keep a network running.
A VPN is a vital tool to provide secure, fast network access to users from any location. It’s an easy step for companies that already use Juniper devices to increase the usability and availability their network using a VPN. It’s possible with this Juniper VPN training.
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Start training. This 10-part series covers topics like providing network support to make work from home a reality for you business, extending network visibility despite remote users or Internet of Things devices, as well as securing networks transiting public and private networks.
You can watch a video from the series here:

This series includes the following skills:
Learn the components of MPLS L3VPN
Junos MPLS L3VPN deployment
Understanding MPLS L2VPN Operations & Options
Advanced MPLS L3VPN Designs & Deployment
Deploy Next-Gen Multicast VPNs (NG-MVPN)
Understanding and deploying Layer 2 VPNs using BGP
Laying a VPLS Foundation
Junos can be deployed with BGP L2VPN-Based VPNLS
Junos can be equipped with LDP L2Circuit VPLS.
Learn and deploy advanced VPLS configurations

This training covers the following topics:
Circuit Cross-Connect (CCC)
Introducing MPLS L3VPN Configuration
Summarizing BGP Signed VPLS
Configure Route Target Filtering
Configure PE Trunk Interfaces

This training includes:
Training for 10 hours
103 videos

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