Project stakeholders

Project stakeholders All members of the project team, as well as any interested entities that are either internal or external to the company, are considered stakeholders. To determine project requirements and expectations, the project team must identify all stakeholders, both internal and external, performing and advising, as well as those that are positive and negative.

Project Scope: Why is it Important?

Project Scope: Why is it Important? Let me begin with my personal experience. When I went to the grocery store to buy my monthly groceries, it was the first time that I bought only items I could recall at that moment. Although I felt that I was missing some essential items, I could not remember

Project Portfolio Management and The Theory of Constraints

Share with OthersLarge companies struggle to manage project portfolios efficiently. They fall for the trap of optimizing resource allocation. They focus on making sure everyone is busy, rather than getting things done. Project work is at least 100 percent of the time for team members. People are often working on multiple projects, which is more

How Much Can You Save With SDN?

Software-defined networking (SDN) can be confusing if you don’t know what it is. Virtualization has revolutionized storage. Data was stored on individual servers’ disks, and only the storage controller of that server could access it. If the server fails to boot, you can’t access the data or initialize the storage. SANs and storage network allow

How Many CISSPs are There in the World?

Have you ever wondered where the highest concentration of CISSPs is? We know. We know. (ISC)2 provides bi-annual member counts, broken down by country or certification, bi-annually. Based on CISSP statistics for June 2018, we now know the answer. The United States, Bermuda, Cayman Islands and Singapore have the highest concentrations of CISSP certified holders.

How Many CCIEs are There in the World?

It seems easy to identify the number of CCIEs around the world. But it isn’t. This question is addressed in a variety of ways, including blog posts, forums posts, and websites. Here’s how many CCIEs are there in the world, based on three sources: CCIE numbers and CCIE Hall of Fame. Our Best Estimate: 59,737

Where to start: CompTIA CySA+ or Security+

You’re interested in a career as a cybersecurity professional, but aren’t sure where to start. You probably have the basic (and almost mandatory) CompTIA certs at the moment, such as the N+ and A+. However, if not, it’s not a problem. CompTIA material is always a good idea. Although there are no prerequisites to either

Where Linux meets Virtualization and the Cloud

Linux can be used in many ways, including file servers, application server for both on-prem and cloud systems, as well as file servers. The CompTIA Linux+ exam covers virtualization and how to install Linux both as a virtual machine or as a physical system. IT professionals need to be able to understand cloud technologies and