Melbourne is the capital city of Victoria state, and it is also the largest city in this region. The IT jobs market is expanding rapidly in Melbourne and the demand for IT specialists is increasing every year. This creates a wide range of opportunities for professionals working in the IT-sphere. Software Testing is one of these areas. This article will provide a summary of the Software Testing jobs that are advertised by employers in Melbourne.

First, let’s mention the types of employment available to Software Testers. They can be divided into three main categories: permanent, contract, or casual. The most sought-after types are permanent and contract, while casual is less common but can still be found in the advertisements. You can also separate contracts into two categories: fixed term and with the possibility to extend. Hourly rates are another feature of contract jobs, while permanent positions are usually based on annual or monthly rates.
You can also categorize opportunities by their title, in addition to the employment types. These are the most popular positions in Melbourne:
Test Manager or Lead. These professionals are responsible to manage the testing activities on assigned projects and ensure that all technology solutions are delivered according to the agreed quality standards and within the timeframe. These positions require a lot of experience: Test Managers and Test Leads must have 5-10 years of experience; strong people management skills are required; knowledge of the SDLC – analysis and development, testing; solid understanding of security, deployment, and systems architecture; ability to transfer this knowledge to team members; excellent interpersonal skills and extensive experience in a particular domain.
Test Analyst. This role typically covers the responsibilities for Test Lead and Test Engineer. The main difference between the two roles is that Test Analysts are not only responsible for testing software, but also for improving the process and guiding the team towards industry-recognized standards. This item requires a minimum of 5-7 years experience as a Test Analyst in Melbourne. They must also have strong communication and presentation skills, knowledge in test planning, design, and reporting, as well as knowledge in documentation, communication, and presentation skills.
(Manual) Software Tester, QA Engineer, Test Engineer. These specialists are responsible to ensure product quality and enhance it through testing. These positions require the following: A minimum of 4+ years’ experience in software testing; a solid understanding of all aspects testing software; some knowledge of databases; a willingness to work in teams; excellent communication skills; keen eye and problem-solving skills; agile environment; strong customer focus; and domain-specific experience.
(Automation), Test Engineer, QA engineer, Software Tester, Developer In Test. The same as manual, automation testers are responsible to ensure software quality. These are the most common requirements for these jobs: 5+ years experience as an automation tester; a strong understanding of software (sometimes employers require prior development experience); a proven record in creating automation frameworks from scratch; knowledge of continuous Integration Systems; defect management skills; keen attention to detail. They will need to be familiar with OOP principles, development patterns, and one or more programming languages.