Is it possible for a Software Tester to work without any formal qualifications? YES. You can learn programming languages and fundamentals of software testing through specialized certification training courses. They give you the knowledge and skills to enter the software testing industry.

Learn the methods and techniques of software testing through our training courses. Below are the Must-Have Software Testing Certifications:

ITIL(r), 4 Foundation Course: This course covers the concepts, best practices, and methodologies of IT service management. It presents a holistic picture of the entire IT service management process that incorporates frameworks like Agile, Lean IT, and DevOps.

ISTQB Foundation Course – This course is for those who are just starting out in the field or for those who have already achieved advanced ISTQB certifications. This course will provide the knowledge and skills necessary to be a software tester.

Agile Foundation Course: This course covers a wide variety of topics, including software development, Scrum and Kanban, as well as Agile Web Development methodologies. This course is designed to increase employability skills for candidates. The syllabus has been updated in order to include the new exam BFCA Foundation Certificate in Agile V2.0.

Candidates who have the ISTQB Tester foundation level certificate are recommended to take this course. It is based on core principles of software testing and focuses on typical situations that software testers encounter at work.

ISTQB Advanced Test Analyst Course – This advanced course is for candidates who have the ISTQB foundation certification. This course teaches you how to become an Advanced Test Analyst focusing on defect management and identification.

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We guarantee that you will get a job as a Software Testing Specialist if you have the necessary skills and certifications.
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Software Testing Job roles include, but are not limited, to entry-level Software Testing Engineer jobs, Junior Software Testing Technician, Testing and Inspection Technicians, Tester and Test Analyst, Testing and Inspection Technician, Tester, Testing Analyst, Testing and Consulting Technician, Testing Engineer and QA Engineer, Product Testing Engineering Engineer, Testing Consultant roles, and other related jobs.
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