TechEd North America:
I am proud to announce that I will again be speaking at Microsoft TechEd North America in the coming year. These are my sessions for this year
Milad Aslaner (PFE at Microsoft) will be joining the sessions as co-speakers. Raymond Comvalius, (MVP ), will also join the sessions.
Houston Texas: We’ll see you soon

Microsoft TechEd India is an annual fixture since 2003, except 2008, which was the last year that Microsoft TechEd India was not held.
TechEd 2006 was held in New Delhi and Pune, Mumbai, Chennai (Chennai), Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Mumbai during the month June 2006. Each city hosted two TechEd events. The first focused on architectural aspects of technology, and the fourth was dedicated to Platform and Tools for developers. The second event was for IT infrastructure professionals.
TechEd 2007 was held in Bangalore.
TechEd 2009 was held in Hyderabad during May 2009. The event was renamed Microsoft TechMela. This name change was necessary to Indianize it and make it more Indianized. Over 2,500 CXOs and TDMs, BDMs as well as developers, IT professionals, architects, designers, faculty members, and technology students attended.
Steve Ballmer was the keynote speaker at TechEd-India 2009. This was the only TechEd event where Steve Ballmer was to address the audience. There were 28 Technical Tracks with more than 112 breakout sessions and 24 instructor-led labs. Chalk-Talk sessions were also included. These tracks were created to be a navigational tool that helped individuals find the labs and sessions best suited to their needs.
TechEd India 2011 was held at Hotel Lalit Ashok, Bangalore, from March 23-25. The event featured keynotes from senior Microsoft executives, breakout sessions and instructor-led labs. It also featured product team tents, free Microsoft Certification, community programs, and a solution expo. Qi Lu was the keynote speaker.
Tech Ed India was held at The LaLiT Hotels and Resorts in Bangalore in 2012, 2013, and 2014.
Microsoft Ignite, an annual conference for developers and IT professionals, is hosted by Microsoft. It has been held in many locations around the globe. In 1993, the first conference, now known as TechEd in Orlando, Florida, USA, was held. The last TechEd to use that name was the 2014 TechEd in Barcelona. Microsoft introduced Microsoft Ignite in 2015, after which it altered its conference schedule.
The conference lasts for three to five days and includes whiteboard sessions, hands-on labs, and presentation and whiteboard session. It provides opportunities to meet Microsoft MVPs, experts, and community members. Parties, community areas, and “Ask the Expert” sessions are all ways to increase networking. There will be an area for vendors to display their products and technologies at the event. The content catalog is extensive and attendees can choose the most useful sessions from it. Before the conference starts, an agenda is posted online.
Microsoft Ignite is open to anyone who is interested in the forefront of innovation and technology. We are aware that IT’s role has changed significantly, as have the ways IT decisions are made. Our key segments and sessions are intended for all roles: developers, IT implementers, and those who make large-scale purchases for enterprise tech and security solutions.
All participants in digital events are expected to adhere to the Code of Conduct. This Code covers both the main digital event as well as all related activities. We don’t tolerate any disruptive or disrespectful behavior by any participant in any aspect of this program, including business and social activities.
We won’t tolerate harassment or discrimination on the basis of age, ancestry or color, gender identity, expression, or national origin.