Maximizing Virtualization Requires Minimizing Vulnerabilities

Share this post Despite all the benefits, virtualization has its risks. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t realize the security risks and believe they can use the same security techniques in virtualized environments as they do in real life. This is not always true. Virtualization is more secure than traditional methods in certain ways, but it also

Lifeguard Certification Course – Who is it for? Why is it important?

The ARC Lifeguard Certification course, which is the most widely recognized lifeguard certification course in the world, is the most sought-after. The American Red Cross lifeguard certification, also known as ARC Lifeguard Certification, is highly respected for its ability to recognize, prevent, and respond to aquatic emergencies and problems. Participants can also learn about cardiac

Learning Technologies 2022

We are pleased to announce that ACI Learning will attend the Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition, Excel London, 5-5 May 2022. #LT2022 David Duke, Chief Product Officer and Senior Vice President, ACI Learning will be speaking in Theatre 5 at 2:00pm-2:30pm on May 4th. Here’s a summary of David’s talk. “Video is now a part

Part 2: How to land your first tech job without a tech degree

Share this post 3. Take into consideration certifications When it comes to finding a job, certifications can be a double-edged sword. Employers want people with advanced credentials. However, those credentials often require applicants have a minimum of five years experience before they can apply. While having entry-level credentials can be a good indicator of your

Early Results of TCJA Tax Revisions For Multinationals

By William A. Raabe (Co-Editor, South-Western Federal Taxation Series). The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA), which was passed late in 2017, made several changes to the U.S. taxation of the taxable income of multinational domestic companies. One of the new rules had the general purpose of encouraging the repatriation of overseas profits to the

DSI 2021: Why Understanding Data Visualization Is Key

Article Summary Clear data visualization makes it easier for readers to understand and interpret data Charts should be anchored at 0 on Y axis. Be aware of misleading data in charts with two axes You can better inform and influence your audience by using colors and layouts Jeffrey D. Camm holds the Inmar Presidential Chair

Passphrases are not allowed to be used for passwords

[Reading Time – 1 Minute 44 Seconds] When I speak to users about passwords I will give my three password principles towards the end. Any password that is easy to remember is a weak password. This is tongue-in-cheek but it is to remind everyone long passwords are more important that complex passwords and that our

Do Not Miss This! Get the New IBM Certification Now!

IBM is known for its outstanding, innovative solutions in manufacturing and marketing of computer hardware, middleware, and software. IBM offers consulting and hosting services in a variety of areas, from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. IBM offers consulting and hosting services in areas ranging from mainframe computers to nanotechnology. This test will prove that you are

DoH – Sounds Secure, But Be Watchful

[Reading Time – 3 minutes 50 second] Mozilla announced in 2020 that it will enable DoH DNS-over HTTPS (DoH) on all new U.S. Firefox web browser installations. It will also silently turn it on on all Firefox installations. DoH is controversial and can even compromise security. First, some background information about the Domain Name System